Cultural Paradise

 Our amazingly diverse, beautiful and awe inspiring world is the result of the combined works of nature and human creativity

"Serious Discussion"

A sculpture by Tejosh Halder Josh

A Winner of the 12th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh (April 2006)

I interviewed Josh in December 2005 when I went to visit the 'Charukala' or the Faculty of Fine Art (FFA). He was a graduate student who shared with me many aspects of his views about the status of arts in Bangladesh and jobs and economic opportunities for arts students. I was then taken to a location of 'Charukala' where a number of his sculptures were on display. It was very clear to me from the beginning that Josh was a very talented young man as every one of his sculptures had a special quality and I could not stop admiring the quality, expressions and drama that radiated out of his works of art.

The sculpture Serious Discussion was the obvious star among his work of arts that I was fortunate enough to see and photograph. He requested me to take some pictures of his sculptures for his collection as he had not managed to get anyone to take good quality picture of them yet, which I obliged quite readily.

I was glad to hear that he won a prize for his sculpture at the 12th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh (April 2006). I have provided some images of the Serious Discussion sculpture  below taken from several different angles.   

Soon I will provide a write up of my December 2005 interview with Josh.