Contemplation Art

Paintings and artists statement by Mustak Choudhury,

London, UK

"It takes time for one to figure out one's gift in life. For me it took years, nevertheless at least I figured it out. Yes you gusseted it, its art, more specifically its paintings. The moment I discovered painting I fell in love with it.

My first ever oil painting was a painting of a Tulip flower, which I painted from a photograph that I took in the summer. I think tulips are nature's symbol of romance and elegance, their shapes and beautiful colours are so awe inspiring. My subsequent paintings include a series of mainly landscape mountains, lakes and trees. For me mountains symbolise might and power, which gives me inner strength, hope and an escape destination for deep contemplation of God's creation.

The last couple of years have been very difficult for me due to a number of unfortunate events in my personal life, which made me feel very lonely, sad and upset. However, all that changed for me when I picked up a paint brush to express myself through the medium of visual arts and visual language.

I consider myself to be a self-taught painter even though I have attended a number arts classes. Most of my learning was from books and experimenting with different painting styles and techniques. Having tried various methods - ranging for impressionist to the contemporary abstractionist - I personally like to take inspiration from them all and mix and apply them as appropriate to my paintings, based on my feelings and aesthetic senses.

Over the last few years my technical, artist and expressive skills have grown and increasingly I feel the urge to paint every day. By doing so I feel that my creativity, originality and individuality are also evolving. Every artist does his/her art for a reason, which comes from an inner human urge to express oneself through the arts. For me it was fine arts-painting.

Although I also enjoy and practice photography and other art forms, it is painting that I find most drawn towards and satisfying. Through painting I find that I can escape to a wonderful world of my imagination where there is no hardship, rather, only the presence of God, love and romance. I see painting to be a form of mediation, relaxation and deep contemplation. I want to share this with others by making my paintings available for viewing or buying.

Over the years I have been experimenting with various mediums such as oil, acrylics and watercolours, print making, pottery and ceramics and other traditional techniques such as gilding, miniature painting, ceramics, mosaics and many more. In addition to landscape paintings I also do other genres such as Islamic art, still life, digital painting, and photography.

For further details of my work, to buy any of my completed paintings or to commission a new piece of work please contact me by email: or phone: 07877638995."

Cultural Paradise

 Our amazingly diverse, beautiful and awe inspiring world is the result of the combined works of nature and human creativity