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Knowing One Another

A new project by Brick Lane Circle

Brick Lane Circle will undertake a new and exciting pilot project that seeks to engage members of London's diverse communities to discover and learn more about the places of origin of each other, through the use of social media and global internet communication.

London is a very diverse multi-cultural city and the levels of diversity are deepening and widening every day. Diversity brings positive benefits as well as unease and community tension arising from the myriads of cultures and faiths living side by side.

The project seeks to make a positive contribution towards improving community cohesion and promoting better understanding between London's diverse communities. The main focus of the project will be on sub-regions of countries to reflect the nature of migration and the specific origin of London's diverse populations. For example, as most of London's Bangladeshis come from a sub-region of the country called Sylhet, situated in the north east, this place is most likely to be one of the places around the world that will become the focus of the project's attention.

The project will recruit a number of volunteers, who will be provided with training on social media (e.g. FB, Twitter, Google Earth), research methodology, engaging with individuals through social media from around the world to gather information and presenting them in easily understandable formats. They will also gather information and take photographs of the manifestations of the particular communities' life in London, as a point of contrast and similarities between life in the UK and back in the country of origin.

There will be an end of project public event and the project's findings will be uploaded on Brick Lane Circle's website. If you are interested in finding out more information about the project or would like to volunteer kindly email Muhammad Ahmedullah at or call +447914119282.

The project is being supported by Awards for All