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A contribution to the Black History Month

As part of the 'Battle of Plassey Young People's Project' I developed an exhibition on the East India Company, which was delivered at the Mile End Arts Pavilion during 4-10 October 2010. The exhibition is primarily based on the 'Plassey's Legacy' book, written by eight young people.

During the week long show many visitors expressed surpise after learning about the East End's long historical connections with Bengal. This was the first show of the exhibition and some of the feedback comments of the visitors are provided below:

'A very good topic of exhibition and a subject that needs to be explored widely. The exibition is well rganised and the collection of pictures are very good' - Rumana

'A very interesting exhibition, full of amazing stories and interesting historical facts. Our first visit to the Arts Pavilion, really worth it' - Charlie and Una

'Very informative. I was aleady interested in this subject, but have learnt a great deal more' - M Boyle

'We stumbled across it but were delighted to read about the history of a company, its characters and the ways in which it has left its mark on London' - Emma

'Very informative. Very hospitable. I will read the book' - Kate

'The exhibition was very educational and sheds some light on a part of history that is not commonly known' - Sabina

'Interesting story, well presented, good "storyteller"' - Ben

'It was excellent. It is great to see a balanced, informative history of the East India Company in an exhibition' - Danial

'Excellent'- Jingxian

'Excellent. I hope that this exhibition will help our young people to learn about the rich history of Bengal' - Nooruddin

'It looks relly interesting and lots of information (background into has been the venue)' - Ayan

'Seems excellent and wish I knew about it before so I could have brought young people to inspire them'- Sahra

'Absolutely brilliant, as a British Bangladeshi who is born here this is invaluable' - Emdad

I developed the project in my capacity as the secretary of Brick Lane Circle and delivered the initiative very successfully.

The exhibition was held at the Mile End Art Pavilion for nine days in October 2010. There were guided tours, seminars and entertainment as part of the exhibition package.

I developed and curated the exhibition.

East India Company (EIC) 


October 2010, Mile End Art Pavilion

This exhibition was based on the book Plassey’s Legacy: Young Londoners explore the hidden story of the East India Company. The book was written by eight young people (18-25 years) who explored the London heritage of the East India Company and the city’s historical links with Bengal. Plassey’s Legacy is part of a larger project, which emanated from a series of activities initiated by the Brick Lane Circle in June 2007 to understand the history and the impact of the Battle of Plassey that took place 250 years ago on 23 June 1757. The project was called Battle of Plassey Young People's Project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund