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Cultural Paradise

 Our amazingly diverse, beautiful and awe inspiring world is the result of the combined works of nature and human creativity

My name is Muhammad Ahmedullah and I live in London but originally from Bangladesh. I came to the United Kingdom with my parents and siblings when I was very young. (Picture on the left: my village pond in Bangladesh where I learnt to swim as a child).


In this website I provide details of some of my activities, undertaken over more than a decade, relating to knowledge promotion, arts, culture, history and community/social cohesion.

I have undertaken most of my activities within the UK and for British audiences but many of the subject matters of my work involved far away places around the world. To achieve my objectives I undertook travel abroad, made friends / acquaintances with people around the world and gained their support.

(Below: three friends enjoying the short river crossing in Burhiganga, Dhaka, Bangladesh)