Cultural Paradise

 Our amazingly diverse, beautiful and awe inspiring world is the result of the combined works of nature and human creativity

Dhaka City Exhibition in the UK     2005-2010, exhibited at different venues

What is human culture?

How does it change?

Culture is about lifestyles and creativity of individuals and groups. It encompasses everyday living, special occasions and the beautiful and useful creations of poets, artists, musicians, writers, scientists, architects, businesses people, voluntary groups, etc.  More

'Powers of Festivals' Exhibition

The Powers of Festivals exhibition is about how festivals are utilised by minorities and native peoples around the world to survive, develop confidence and build their capacities. In the first taster show of my initial exploratory exhibition, held at the Brady Arts and Community Centre in East London, I covered festivals in Bali, Bolivia, Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh and the Notting Hill Carnival in London.  More

On behalf of Stepney Community Trust I recently developed and delivered this highly unique and exciting project. It involved recruiting volunteers from London's diverse communities to research and recreate historical costumes worn by ladies in the UK that were made from Bengal textiles. The project was based on the idea that there was a hidden but very important and deeply connected shared heritage that links Bengal and Britain for nearly four centuries that needed to be revealed.  More

Knowing One Another

Brick Lane Circle will undertake a new and exciting pilot project that seeks to engage members of London's diverse communities to discover and learn more about the places of origin of each other, through the use of social media and global internet communication. ( More

Some highlight initiatives

I developed and delivered are:

How villages and towns in Bengal dressed London ladies in the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries